Meet the incredible, hand-picked team behind the worlds leading esports publication.

Burley 'Dad' Dunn

Just like that father that sits in the loungeroom reading the newspaper and vaguely asks how school was, Burley ‘Dad’ Dunn spends his time at the Fireball Esports office browsing Twitter and vaguely asking journalists if they have their copy ready for production yet. Definitely isn’t worried if the copy is a little late either.

Barney 'The Hammer' Hammer

Although Barney ‘The Hammer’ Hammer first began his esports coverage career as the leading voice in the massive Tetris-99 competitive circuit, the hard-boiled penman has now turned his eyes onto an easier bill – every single other competitive video game industry, from League of Legends to the Farming Simulator Pro League.

Theodore 'Hogwood' Spice

No one is sure if Hogwood employs a ghost writer for all his articles, or just works in the deep depths of the night, but no one in the Fireball Esports office has ever seen Theodore Spice sit down to pen a breaking news story or report. Instead, the boisterous journalist strides the office from clock-on to clock-off, barking orders to other reporters that definitely outrank him in the overall scheme of things.

Dolores 'Noona' Howlett

Once Noona had graduated from the University of Sydney with first class honours in Esports Journalism & Social Media Tricks, the sky was the limit for Fireball’s best and brightest Twitter trawler. Cutting her teeth on hard-hitting investigations into how the Sims franchise has yet to enter the sphere of esports, Dolores Howlett continues to break massive gaming stories every day, and keeps the rest of the Fireball Esports bullpen in line.

Flynn 'Lancelot' Kirton

After years spent dominating the casual CS:GO CyberGamer leagues with his team Kirton Gaming, Flynn Kirton has moved from the furnace of dust_2 into the fire of investigative esports coverage. With no story too small or too grandiose for the enigma of a writer known only as Lancelot to professional players across the world, Kirton continues to cover CS:GO despite his temporary retirement from the highest level.

Ernie 'Quokka' McNab

Ernie McNab, better known among his acquaintances by the self-appointed nickname ‘Quokka’, is Fireball Esports’ youngest and potentially brightest writer. First hired by the company to clean the entry hall, McNab added two extra pars to a front page story that was sitting on the whiteboard near the bullpen and proved he was the real deal when it comes to esports journalism.

Clovis "ClovisLarkins" Larkins

With everyone seated around the screen of an intense game of SSBM, there’s one person who stands out from the crowd. Clovis “ClovisLarkins” Larkins. A trip to his Sydney-side home will show you libraries of esports stats, dating back to the 1980s. All while he rattles results from the top of his head like a walking encyclopaedia. His vast knowledge of games caught the eye of Burley Dunn, who decided to turn those finicky numbers into eloquently presented words for Fireball Esports.